About us

Over 30 year’s experience, a flexible team and customer proximity make Tensometric the specialist for electronic tension measurement on running material. Apart from our standard programme we develop equipment tailored to individual cases in close cooperation with the customer. This alignment with customer requirements guarantees an optimal solution at the same time. Customer proximity also means that you find us „on site” and can have qualified contacts in Germany and abroad. Thus we can offer you custom-made products for the highest requirements and can react rapidly to changing requirements.

OverHigh measurement
accuracy and reliability, long-term stability, thought-out designs, durable and reliable systems distinguish Tensometric measurement instruments. Beyond that we offer you special production, short delivery times, express repair service and a very good price-performance ratio.

Our know-how and our efficiency are reproduced in our products. These include precision tensionmeters and frictionmeters for very diverse operating areas in very different industries, for quality assurance for the production of thin gold wires and bands up to steel cables.


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Tensometric products can be
found in these industries:

Automobile industry
Paper and textile industry
Wire and cable industry
Zeppelin industry

For control and monitoring of:

Coiling and winding devices
Creel machines
Decoiling devices
Packaging machines
Sewing machines
Stranding machines
Warping frames, machines
Weaving machines
Winding machines
Wire drawing machines

For quality assurance of:

Belts,cables, carpet yarn
Copper enamel wire
Felts and foils
Fiber optic cable
Fleece material, gold wire
Monofilaments, multifilaments
Optical fiber
Paper sieves
Plastic profiles
Spring wire
Staple fibre
Steel cable, steel wire
Strands, strips
Tapes, thread
Tubes, tyrecord
Wire, cord, wool