Tape measurement

measuring webs
Station 3 R 4x400
Station 3 R 4x400
The measuring - station 3 R 40x400 is designed for measuring the tension on webs, foils or warp beams with high tensile
forces. The diameter and length of the rollers can be adjusted.
Nominal loads 20 N up to 5000 N. Other on request.
Measuring range 1 % up to approx.115%


Data sheet:

No data sheet available

measuring sheets
M 160-1 for machine clothing
Tensile force measuring oft horizontally or vertically running sheets. For measuring machine clothing and dryer fabrics. The sensor is cable connected with the display device. The value daN/cm sheet width is shown.
Measuring ranges:
0-2daN/cm, 0-5daN/cm,
0-10daN/cm, 0-20daN/cm

Measuring roller width: 25mm

Guide roller width: 300mm


Data sheet:

Datasheet M160 (Download)

measuring sheets
M 161
The measuring unit M161 has been developed for measuring tensile forces of belts and webs.By special arrangement of the guide rollers and measuring roller the sensor is only lightly pressed against the web.

Measuring ranges: From 0 – 10 daN to 0 - 500 daN available

Measuring widths: 7 versions from 0 – 50 mm to 0 – 400 mm available.


Data sheet:

Data sheet M161 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet 3-R32x110-M1392-F120 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet 3-R32x140-M1391-F20 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet 3-R50x320-B312-PRO1192-W6 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet 3-R80x30-M1391-U30 (Download)

Achse 150mm durch STAK und M1392

Data sheet:

Data sheet Achse 150mm durch STAK und M1392 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet M1391-C-walze 230mm (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet M1391-RO100 (Download)


Data sheet:

Data sheet M1391-RO220 (Download)