Customer specific solutions

Particular measuring tasks require individual problem solutions, such as protection against aggressive ambient conditions, measuring in confined space or measuring unusual extraordinary and special products. Possibly we can realize your special task with a custom-made product.

One of our particular solution is for example:

Comparing tensile forces with IMP-TENS measuring system

The IMP-TENS system is a mobile measuring and analysis programme to compare tensile forces of threads or wires in rotating systems.

A new type of measuring method enables first time measuring and monitoring tensile forces of all threads / wires in braiding and stranding machines by using only one sensor. Tensile force of every single thread or wire is measured and displayed during a machine rotation.

The easy installation effects short backfitting time. The system is working computer-aided. So the quality of stranding is assured by monitoring the constant tensile forces of all wires. Measurements are clearly represented on visual display unit. Measuring data are available as numerical value and graphical representation.


Principle of tensile force measuring with IMP-TENS system

The tensile force measurement is based on defined deflection of material to be measured from the straight running direction.
The force which is applied to this deflection is being measured. In order to determine the tensile force of the material, the angle of deflection must be known.

This principle is generally called “3 roller system". It is the basis of many tensile forces measuring systems.
According to this method it is possible to measure the tensile forces of wires of a rotating stranding machine by a stationary fixed sensor which is located outside.By rotation of the machine every wire will arrive at the sensor which is slightly deflecting the wire from its straight direction. For a precise measurement a deflection of about 5° will be sufficient, which is equivalent to a wrap angle around the sensor of 10°.

When a wire is reaching the sensor it runs up on a ramp to the measuring peak. At the top level of the ramp which is the measuring skid there is a defined wrap angle existing. The force on the measuring head is reaching here the maximum. The connected analysis device identifies this force pulse as measured value.

The mechanical load of the wires during this process is very small. Furthermore the time of contact by the sensor is very short (in the region of milliseconds), so all possibility of wire damages is nearly excluded. Contactless operating proximity switches register the
machine rotation and identify each single wire.


Data sheet:

Data sheet IMP-TENS32-TI (Download)

Data sheet:

Data sheet IMP-TENS Software (Download)

Data sheet:

IMP-TENS questionaire (Download)

Here are some examples:

2 rollers only
2R 80
Tensile force measuring of cables in confined space with two rollers only.
Measuring ranges:
0 - 100N and 0 - 6 kN.

With built-in measuring amplifier

Zero point setting (taring)
and amplifying (calibration)


Data sheet:

2R 80 (Download)

acid proof
M 1330-sf

Acid proof thread tension sensor.

Measuring ranges:
0-50cN, 0-100cN,
0-200cN, 0-300cN

With built-in measuring amplifier


no data sheet available

centrifugal force compensated CF-COMP

Centrifugal and measuring rollers weight compensated radial force and tensile force sensor.


Data sheet:

CF-COMP (Download)

tensile force comparing
M 1111
The sensor is integrated in a ball bearing. Guiding rollers or cylinders can be fixed to this ball bearing. Several sensors can be stacked side by side to an axle for individual measuring in confined space. Stack distance min. 22 mm. Tensile force measurements can be made at standing and running materials.

Nominal loads: 50-300N
Measuring ranges:
von 0-25 N und von 0-6kN


Data sheet:

M1111 (Download)

Combi M600

Electronic tensionmeter, battery-operated, for short-time measurement, one - hand - operation, direct reading of measured value on the digital display.
Easy threading into material. Measurement of pretensioned cables.

Tension measurement on guy ropes and similar applications, up to a diameter of 18 mm.

Specifics: The measured cable is fixed with two clamps on the cable guides and the measured value can then
be read, independently of the diameter, on the digital display.

Nominal loads: 50,0N, 100,0N, 199,9N, 300N, 500N 1000N and 1999N

Overload protection: Depending on nominal load: 300% to 500%

Display: digital LCD - display, 3 ½ digits, height 10 mm, 3 measurements / sec.

Peak value display: OPTION: At the push of a button only peak values are indicated.

Damping: A damping can be switched on for smooth measurement value indication.

HOLD- function: At the push of a button the last-indicated value is hold.

Material guides: Standard: 2 clamping devices for clamping the rope made of brass. Other clamping devices available on request.

Guides spacing: X = 180mm for measuring wires, up to 480 mm for measuring cables; can be customized according to measuring task.

Calibration: Factory calibrated. Calibration can be effected and controlled by the customer.

Meas. error: Error of integrated measuring system: <0,5 %

Zero adjustment: Balancing of measuring roller weight by turning knob.

Damping: A damping can be switched on for smooth measurement value indication in case of fluctuant tensile tensions.

Output signal: Analogue output signal 0 to +1V corresponding to 0-100% of nominal load.

Power supply: 9 V battery, type 6LR61, battery control by lamp.

Operating time approx. 75 hours with an alkaline battery.

Housing: Material aluminium alloy

Weight: Ca. 600 grams up to ca. 1000 grams according to design.

Included in delivery: Combi 490 in plastic-box, Instruction-manual, 9 V battery, Output connector
Available in addition: Rechargeable battery 9V, with charging device


Data sheet:

Combi M600 (Download)

The station 3R25x60-370x100-M1191KAS is on for tension measurement, in itself rotating cables. (For stranding plant)

Data sheet:

3R-25x60-370-100-M1191KAS-KPL (Download)

Anzeige SPS

Data sheet:

Anzeige-SPS (Download)


Data sheet:

3-R29x210-B250W12 (Download)

3-R30xB320mm Breite

Data sheet:

3-R30xB320mm Breite (Download)


Data sheet:

3-R30-zyl-50-B200-F10 (Download)


Data sheet:

3-R50x320-B312-PRO1192-W6 (Download)