Special Applications

measuring sheets
M 160-1 for machine clothing
Tensile force measuring oft horizontally or vertically running sheets. For measuring machine clothing and dryer fabrics. The sensor is cable connected with the display device. The value daN/cm sheet width is shown.
Measuring ranges:
0-2daN/cm, 0-5daN/cm,
0-10daN/cm, 0-20daN/cm

Measuring roller width: 25mm

Guide roller width: 300mm


Data sheet:

Datasheet M160 (Download)

measuring sheets
M 160-2
Tensile force measuring of horizontally running sheets.The display device is mounted on the sensor. The value daN/cm sheet width is shown.

Measuring ranges:
0-2daN/cm, 0-5daN/cm,
0-10daN/cm, 0-20daN/cm

Measuring roller width: 25mm

Guide roller width: 300mm


Data sheet:

Datasheet M160 (Download)

warp tension measuring
The compact KETT03 tensionmeter has been developed for measuring
the tension forces of warp threads.
A special mechanism enables the threading of warp threads, even when threads are close together.
The total force of a warp up to a maximum width of 50 mm is measured and indicated on a separate gauge.
The streight design of the unit allows the measurement of tensions even at the edges of the warp.The unit is versatile, measurements of the running warp may be taken vertically or horizontally.


Data sheet:

Datasheet KETT 03 (Download)

warp tension measuring
The compact Kett-08 tensionmeter has been developed for measuring tensile forces of warp threads.
The total of the forces of a warp of 20mm in width is measured and indicated on a separate display instrument. The slim design permits measurements at the edges of the warp. The measuring position is optional, measurements can be made at horizontally as well as vertically running warps.

Nominal loads: 1999cN, 30,0N with 20mm measuring width.


Data sheet:

Datasheet KETT 08 (Download)

measuring in disk accumulator M 1391LK
Radial force sensor for application in disk accumulator. At least 2 guide rollers can be mounted on the axle. The exterior roller is fixed on the measuring axle. Here the tensile force is measured.


no data sheet available

force measuring STAK 1390
Type STAK 1390 is a compact, precise and reliable measuring head for measuring tensile and compressive forces. It contains all necessary components for measurements in a very flat housing:- Measuring system- amplifier with analog output- zero point setting (tare)- adjustment for amplifying (calibration).

It is easy to fix it in its place of measurement, and it is ready for operation immediately. Fixing the sensor is optional, several sensors can be grouped in one block.

Measuring ranges:
STAK 1390:
0-2N, 0-3N, 0-4N, 0-5N, 0-6N,
0-10N, 0-20N, 0-30N

STAK 1390-C:
0-30N, 0-50N, 0-100N, 0-200N,
0-300N, 0-400N, 0-500N

With built-in measuring amplifier. zero point setting (taring)
and amplification (calibration).

Analog output signal: 0 - 10 V


Data sheet:

Datasheet Stak1390 (Download)

weft thread measuring head STAK 1390-AL

Equipped with 3 hardwearing ceramic thread guides. Very slim design, stackable.


Data sheet:

Datasheet Stak1390 (Download)

optical waveguides and optical fibres

These measuring heads are equipped with extra large guide and measuring rollers in order not to damage materials sensitive to bending during tensile force measuring. The deflection of the material to be measured is kept to a minimum.



no data sheet available

optical fibres and HANDY-TENS LWL
HANDY-TENS LWL for optical fibres

Electronic tensile force measuring device. Equipped with rollers of 50 mm diameter and therefore suitable for measuring fiber optic cable. minimum deflection of material to be measured.

Direct reading of measured tensile force. Display damping can be activated, i.e. stable and smooth indication even during fluctuating tensile forces. At the push of a button the last indicated measured value will be held.

Nominal load: 20N (2000cN)

Solution: 0,01N (1cN) steps

Measuring range: 0-20N, 0-100N

Battery operated

Available accessories:
Storage battery and charger


Data sheet:

Datasheet HANDY-TENS LWL (Download)

measuring ribbons
Series M 1391
Radial force sensor series M 1391 can be equipped with measuring
cylinders up to a width of 230 mm. So the tensile forces can be
measured. The measurement is independent of lever arm. For installing in machines.

Measuring widths:
According to your requirements
Maximum measuring width: 230 mm


Data sheet:

Datasheet M1391 (Download)

measuring ribbons
M 161
The M 161 has been developed for tensile force measuring of ribbons, cords, strips and continuous webs. The special configuration of guiding and measuring rollers enables the user to press the sensor on the material for measuring. Threading the material to be measured is not necessary. Suitable as hand device or for installing in machines.

Measuring widths:
7 versions from 0 - 50 mm to
0 - 400 mm are available.

Measuring ranges:
from 0 - 10 daN to 0 - 400 daN


Data sheet:

Datasheet M161 (Download)

Combi M600

Electronic tensionmeter, battery-operated, for short-time measurement, one - hand - operation, direct reading of measured value on the digital display.
Easy threading into material. Measurement of pretensioned cables.

Tension measurement on guy ropes and similar applications, up to a diameter of 18 mm.

Specifics: The measured cable is fixed with two clamps on the cable guides and the measured value can then
be read, independently of the diameter, on the digital display.

Nominal loads: 50,0N, 100,0N, 199,9N, 300N, 500N 1000N and 1999N

Overload protection: Depending on nominal load: 300% to 500%

Display: digital LCD - display, 3 ½ digits, height 10 mm, 3 measurements / sec.

Peak value display: OPTION: At the push of a button only peak values are indicated.

Damping: A damping can be switched on for smooth measurement value indication.

HOLD- function: At the push of a button the last-indicated value is hold.

Material guides: Standard: 2 clamping devices for clamping the rope made of brass. Other clamping devices available on request.

Guides spacing: X = 180mm for measuring wires, up to 480 mm for measuring cables; can be customized according to measuring task.

Calibration: Factory calibrated. Calibration can be effected and controlled by the customer.

Meas. error: Error of integrated measuring system: <0,5 %

Zero adjustment: Balancing of measuring roller weight by turning knob.

Damping: A damping can be switched on for smooth measurement value indication in case of fluctuant tensile tensions.

Output signal: Analogue output signal 0 to +1V corresponding to 0-100% of nominal load.

Power supply: 9 V battery, type 6LR61, battery control by lamp.

Operating time approx. 75 hours with an alkaline battery.

Housing: Material aluminium alloy

Weight: Ca. 600 grams up to ca. 1000 grams according to design.

Included in delivery: Combi 490 in plastic-box, Instruction-manual, 9 V battery, Output connector
Available in addition: Rechargeable battery 9V, with charging device


Data sheet:

Datasheet Combi M600 (Download)


Type M1191 XY is a radial force sensor with strain gage full-bridge, for the measurement of forces from two 90 ° direction offsets without amplifier. To transform the low measuring-voltage into a normal signal, it needs an external amplifier.

Therefore Tensometric amplifier are suited:
2KMV 10, MV 110 ( without display )
SA 2xDMS 610 ( with display )

Application: Tensile force measurement on X and Y direction

Nominal loads: 30 N, 40 N, 50 N, 100 N, 200 N others upon request

Overload-protection: > 4 to 8 times of nominal load

Protection: IP 52, Option IP 64

Material: (tube) housing and shaft : stainless steel Sealing material: Silicon, SL 601

Accessories available: Connection cable, amplifier with or without display
measuring roller, clamping device Z 1391


Data sheet:

Data sheet M1191XY (Download)