KMV 10

A DC voltage measuring amplifier for sensors with DMS system. Mounted preferably close to the sensor it converts the output voltage of the measuring bridge into a standard voltage for distant signal interpretation. With potentiometers for zero setting and sensor calibration. Sensor and output connexions are made by the provided connector. The KMV 10 can be connected with voltage supply sources of the machine control system. For feeding the DMS measuring bridge it provides a highly constant supply voltage.

2 KMV 10, without illustration, as
KMV 10 however with 2 amplifiers
in one housing.


Data sheet:

Datasheet KMV 10 (Download)

Data sheet:

Datasheet 2KMV 10 (Download)

MV 110

Measuring amplifier for DMS measuring systems, Europe board size 100x160 mm, for installation in 19“ subrack. Applied for measuring and control. Adjusting zero-point and amplifying on front panel. The MV 110 - 2 contains two measuring amplifiers independent of each other and also an adder which adds up both input signals. The output signals are available by the check plug socket on the front panel. A highly constant supply voltage is available for loading the DMS measuring bridge.

no data sheet available

SA 310 DMS

Digital built-in display device for connecting sensors with DMS measuring bridge applied for measuring andcontrolling. The output signal is available by the check plug socket on the front panel. Adjusting zero-point, amplifier and damper on the front panel. A highly constant supply voltage is available for loading the DMS measuring bridge. Option: alarm output via optocoupler.SA 310 (without illustration) as SA 310-DMS, however for connecting capacitive Tensometric sensors or DMS sensors with built-inmeasuring amplifier.

SA 310 (without illustration) as
SA 310-DMS, however for
connecting capacitive Tensometric
sensors or DMS sensors with
built-in measuring amplifier or
amplifier KMV 10.


Data sheet:

Datasheet SA 310 (Download)

SA 610

Digital built-in display device for connecting sensors with built-in measuring amplifier or DMS systems. All-round applicable by programmable functions. With MIN-MAX display, storage and MIN-MAX relay, serial interface,taring, filtering, synchronization with production process et all.


Data sheet:

Datasheet SA 610 (Download)

Mini 710

Portable, smart, small electronic tensile force display device. For connecting capacitive Tensometric tensile force sensors. Digital display : direct reading of measured tensile force. With analog output signal 0-1 V. At the push of a button the last indicated measuring value is held. Battery operated.

Measuring ranges:

Depending upon connected sensor.

The device recognizes the connected sensor and shows correctly the measured tensile force.

Available accessories: Storage battery and charger.


Data sheet:

Datasheet Mini 710-D (Download)

Digital Tensile Force Indicating Instrument
Series KT871-PAX

The KT 871-PAX is a high precise digital tensile force programmable indicating instrument.

It is optimal suited for direct connection of Tensometric tensile force sensors:
- with integrated amplifier (Series 3xx and 13xx, service voltage 24V)
- with strain gage measuring bridge (Series 11xx).

The operating mode can be selected by switch.

Big red digits, readable from afar, indicate the measuring results. Indicators show the actual working condition.

On the basis of the high solution and interference-stability, application is as well in rough production as in labs and testing departments.


Data sheet:

Datasheet KT871-PAX (Download)

PID- 48
Small, very efficient PID control unit with many functions, such as self-optimisation, MIN-MAX - alarm, serial interface et al. Easy handling.

Input: 0 - 10 V or 0 - 20 mA

Measuringcycle: 100 ms, reaction-time: 300ms typ.: 460 ms max.

Accuracy: 0,3% of the range +- 1 Digit

Protecting the data: EEPROM, min. 10 years
Power-supply: AC-Version: 85 - 250 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 8 VA

DC-Version 18 - 36 VDC / 24V AC

Protection: from the front IP 65

Housing: flame- and scratch -resistant tinted plastic material. Housing destined for installation.
Front-page can be drawn out. Controllers can be mounted direct together.

Dimensions : B 50 x H 50 x T 106 mm.

Panel cutout DIN B 45 x 45 mm.

Mounting via clamping-screws
Electrical connection At the rear - with screw-clip

Data sheet:

Datasheet PID 48 (Download)

tensile force display
Small portable electronic force ldisplay device, battery operated. For connecting our sensors with type designations M 11xx, LCxx, STAK11xx.

Direct reading of measured values.

Stable and smooth display by effective damping.

Strong aluminium housing.
Measuring range: Determined
by connected sensor

Max. display: 0 - 1999

Option: Peak indication


Data sheet:

Datasheet DMS TENS (Download)

STAK 310
A precise and compact measuring instrument for measuring tensile forces of running materials. The STAK 310 combines all necessary components in a stable housing:

- Measuring value display
- Measuring system with
measuring and guiding rollers
- Measuring amplifier with
analog output
- Zero point setting (calibration)
- Setting amplification (calibration)

With minimal effort it can be installed in the production line and is immediately ready for operation.

Measuring ranges:
0 - 199,9 cN, 0 - 300cN,
0 - 500cN, 0 - 10,00N,
0 - 19,99 N

With integrated measuring amplifier.

With integrated measuring
value display.

Measuring amplifier with
analog output.

Zero point setting (calibration)
and amplification (calibration)


Data sheet:

Datasheet Stak310 (Download)

complete - M 1356
M 1356
A complete measuring device: Sensor, measuring amplifier and display device in one housing. Very slim design with minimum required space. For measuring tensile forces of: thin wires, strands, fibre optics and textile material. Option: Equipped with cylindical guiding rollers, suitable for small ribbons. For installation in machines.

Analog output signal

Measuring ranges:
from 0,1-2 N bis 10-200N

Depending from built-in measuring
system and diameter of the assembled guiding rollers.


Data sheet:

Datasheet M1356 (Download)