September 2020

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ust 2019

Our new measuring amplifier Tenso-DM



February 2019

Signal transmission Bluetooth

With our 4CH I / O BT, the signals from 1 to 4 Tensometric Tensile Force Transducers with the output 0 10V or 4 20mA can be transmitted via Bluetooth.
It forms the interface between the sensor and the controller and consists of 2 modules.


Our new indicating instrument SA DMS 621



 For connection to Tensometric strain gauges sensors.



April 2018

New Releases:


Acid-resistant and usable in vacuum tensile force sensors.
Coated with HART-COAT® und SILA-COAT®.


 Display DMS-TENS-DIGI for connection to Tensometric handheld instruments.

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