3-Rollers / Function

- function -


3 - roller tensile force sensor consist of : one radialforce sensor with fixed mounted material-guidings, which are arranged right and left next to the measuring roller. This guide-rollers ensure a constant angle around the measuring roller.

Guiding the material


The material, which should be measured, run over the sensor and the guiding-elements.

This arrangement is preferably for measurements of high tensile-forces at material having a bigger diameter.
A negligible small deviation of the material is realizable. An alteration of the diameter of the material does not change the angle around the measuring-roller.

The material to be measured run over the sensor and under the guiding elements.

Usual way to guide the material. There is no difference between run-in and run-out for the material which is measured. Advantageous for material which is flexible.
In case the diameter of the material will be changed, either a reproducible measuring-error must be taken into consideration or it needs a new calibration. For measuring stiff material, a higher distance between the two guiding elements is necessary.

The material to be measured is guided under the first guiding-element, over the sensor and the second guiding-element.

A combination of material-guiding A) and B). Especially usable for measurement by hand. It offers an easy threading. Simply turn the sensor.

Most of the 3-roller sensors are executed in a manner, that the customer themselves can adjust the guiding elements like A) B) or C).